Joanne Hairdressing — From Salon to Local Icon

What we did

Research, Strategy, Copywriting, Website Design

See it in action

Joanne Hairdressing is an established group of salons, well regarded for their excellent results.

Having worked closely with Zealous Digital for years, leveraging our digital talent to increase the impact of their online presence and advertising, the company came to us for the refresh of their brand and website.

Our goal was to advise on the potential upside for a new website, and from there rethink the underlying strategy to take Joanne Hairdressing from just another salon to a local icon.

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More than a salon

Good research and strategy underpin every great brand. And it’s clear that just another salon would get lost in the noise. Instead, we had to uncover what makes Joanne Hairdressing so special — what makes people tell their friends about it?

To achieve that we embarked on creating their Journey to Utopia, an invaluable tool for putting their connection with customers, and all the emotion that involves, at the heart of their strategy. It’s the framework we developed to formalise feedback from hundreds of customers into a powerful narrative.

That story became the foundation for the website. It directed the customer journeys and content, ensuring everything is carefully crafted to offer visitors the most relevant and valuable experience.

Motion focuses attention
All too often motion is abused. It’s used to show off, creating a pretty picture which is full of distractions. We take a different approach, using motion in subtle ways to direct attention to important content.

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A smooth launch
404 pages suck, and it would be devastating to traffic if every article and page which ranked well in Google suddenly disappeared. So we worked carefully to ensure that important pages were properly mapped to their new counterparts, ensuring a smooth transition to the new site.

This project was an exciting opportunity to put the power of the Journey to Utopia to work for a local business. The result is a great success that both the company leadership and the salon teams believe captures the magic of their service — that keeps people coming back again and again.
— JPK, Founder, Zealous Digital