We dramatically improved ExpenseIn's CPA and marketing ROI

ExpenseIn is a software as a service that streamlines expense management for businesses.

We worked closely with their team to build the credibility that they needed to attract larger customers to their service.


We delivered:

  • Audience research

  • Copywriting

  • Website design & development

  • Paid Ads

  • Ongoing solutions in response to evolving customer needs

The main website was launched in less than six weeks. The result is a responsive site that intertwines their existing brand identity and compelling content, with focused calls to action.


Increase in conversion rate

Increase in organic search traffic


Most importantly, this collaboration has resulted in vast improvements to ExpenseIn's cost per acquisition, driving the ROI of their marketing and proving to investors that ExpenseIn is a serious opportunity.

We worked closely with James from Zealous Digital throughout the development process. He readily considered our needs and suggestions, while applying his own expertise to amplify impact.

This resulted in a stunning site that projects our values in a way that every member of our team loves.

We look forward to working with Zealous Digital again in future projects.
— Emma Dawson - Marketing Manager at ExpenseIn

The details

Research & Planning

We met with key stakeholders to build a comprehensive understanding of ExpenseIn and the problems that they face.

The main goal of the project was to build ExpenseIn’s credibility so that they could attract larger businesses to their product. 

Information gathered from their demonstrations and customer feedback allowed us to build personas which reflected their ideal customers, down to the terminology that they use. 

We also identified an audience who we wanted to dissuade from using ExpenseIn due to high support costs and low lifetime value.

Ultimately this stage resulted in a set of customer journeys that were used to guide the content, design and development stages.


The next stage involved developing the creative content, including copywriting, iconography, and other graphics. We sought regular feedback from ExpenseIn to ensure we carefully matched their ethos and existing identity in their app.

Website design & development

We designed the website to accentuate the impact of our content, considering our research to ensure that the conversion rate would be high. It's fully responsive, working seamlessly across devices. 

Using the latest web technologies (including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) we developed the site in-house. It runs on the ASP.NET MVC framework which was an existing part of ExpenseIn's software stack. 

Paid Ads

We've worked on copywriting for a number of ExpenseIn's paid ads and delivered custom landing pages that have helped to further increase the performance of their marketing campaigns. 

Ongoing solutions in response to evolving customer needs

Along with new landing pages for PPC campaigns, we've also delivered solutions to support their acquisition of enterprise clients. One of our recent projects has included highlighting the security and stability benefits of their service.

And since they've been working with bigger, more well-known brands we've been able to add more compelling social proof to their landing pages.