Customer-driven strategy consultation

To ensure that you can extract the most value from our session, we have prepared some short questions to help us tailor it to your needs.

Please complete these questions, then we will arrange a time for our customer-driven strategy consultation.

Examples: "Achieve 5M monthly active users in 6 months to raise our valuation in our next round." "Double our revenue in the next 12 months so that we can employ more engineers to accelerate the development of new features."
Please be specific. Additionally, discussing steps that you've taken already to try and solve this challenge, along with the results, will increase the value you'll get on our strategy call. Simple examples: "While we have achieved acceptable customer acquisition costs, our retention is poor (about 15%). We don't know what to focus on to improve our retention." "We have a popular free service tier, but we're having trouble converting our customers to paid plans. This is limiting our revenue. We've tried restricting the features of the paid tier but this reduced our retention."