03 - Hatty Fawcett - Experienced marketer, founder and fundraising expert.


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In this episode I talk with Hatty Fawcett. She’s an experienced marketer and entrepreneur, having worked with established brands such as Moonpig, Woolworths.co.uk and the BBC and startups such as EBTM and her own startup, Seek & Adore.

Today she runs Focused for Business and mentors small businesses and startups so they attract investment. Her online programme, Crowdfunding Accelerator, makes it quicker and easier to be successful at crowdfunding. In 2016 she raised £1 million for businesses through angel investment and crowdfunding. 

We dig into her wealth of experience, discussing the successes and challenges that she faced in her career, including growing her own startup.

We delve into marketing on a budget, her passion for startups, starting Seek & Adore, building a reliable team, fundraising, the difficulties that many female founders facewhen raising investment, and more.

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Episode 03 with Hatty Fawcett
James Phillips King