Delivering rapid growth

Zealous Digital are a growth consultancy who execute data-driven strategies to ideate, build, scale, and evolve the next generation of companies.

We combine these areas of expertise to successfully deliver our end-to-end offering.

Research Uncover transformational insights by understanding consumers, the market, and your capabilities. 

Strategy Create a data-driven plan of action that solves high-value customer and business needs.

Execution Transform customer experiences with innovative marketing and enhanced services.


We conceptualise, launch, and evolve ideas that have a positive impact on our world.


Transforming ExpenseIn's customer journey

Challenge How do we increase the ROI of our advertising spend?

Solution A new customer journey designed to solve the needs of ExpenseIn's most valuable customers, while attracting new enterprise clients to their service.

42 days from research to launch

87.8% increase in conversion rate

We worked closely with Zealous Digital throughout the development process. They readily considered our needs and suggestions, while applying their expertise to amplify impact.

We look forward to working with Zealous Digital again in future projects.
— Emma Dawson - Marketing Manager at ExpenseIn

We've established three key approaches that enhance both early-stage startups and existing market leaders.