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They've taken startups from serving local businesses to international companies, served as the foundation for new customer journeys that double conversion rates, and distilled hard-to-explain ideas into compelling stories that excite talented teams. 

If you’re working on a transformational idea and you would like a clear, insightful, customer-driven roadmap to market dominance, we should talk.


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Building the future is incredibly difficult

Every year, poorly-defined strategies burn through investments, undermine years of effort, and result in products that explode on the launch pad.

Even innovative products built by world-leading teams, such as Google Glass, Siri, and Twitter, fail to reach their full potential. And the campaigns behind them, conceived at creative agencies filled to the brim with award-winning designers, produce ads that fail to inspire consumers. 

Each of these businesses operate in different markets, with different teams and technologies behind them, yet their failures can be explained by a fundamental problem in their foundations:


A flawed strategy that didn’t account for consumer need.


Time and time again, startups try to be everything to everybody. Their strategies are the opposite of clear and insightful. Instead, they are based upon vague tactics and short term thinking.

Teams often ignore their customers and are instead directed by plans that include “SEO” and “social media” without clear purpose. While they are often busy, verging on overworked, they are anything but focused.

Websites are meticulously designed to be “unique” and “stand out”. But the content? Often, it ends up being a feature list that does nothing to inspire the visitors that they’re paying to acquire. 

And then you’ve got products that don’t live up to expectations. Retention that mimics a leaky bucket. But that’s often ignored while efforts are focused on “getting more users”. 


Despite these failures, it is possible to succeed with a focused, insightful, consumer-driven strategy

By combining a clear vision with a relentless focus on solving the most important problems, focused teams can reach market dominance.

Zealous Digital exists to help the founders who are solving difficult problems build and grow better products. By combining a comprehensive understanding of technology, data, product and marketing we develop and rapidly execute consumer-driven go-to-market strategies.

For some startups this means we take an advisory role, regularly solving key challenges. For others, we get hands on, moving with agility between big-picture strategy and tactical execution. For many, a mixture of both is the right route to rapid growth.


Here’s an example of our achievements with a B2B SaaS startup that was struggling to compete with existing incumbents:

  • Transformed value proposition: After three 60-minute conversations with their CEO, we transformed their vague value proposition into a compelling story that demonstrated the problem that they solved and who they solved it for.
  • Overhauled website: A month later, we overhauled their website, focusing on clear messaging that was driven by an enhanced understanding of their customers.
  • Launched PPC campaigns: In month three, we launched over 5 different PPC campaigns with custom landing pages that increased their conversion rate by over 85%
  • Secured investment round: The promising transformation led by their new customer-driven strategy had a huge impact on their customer acquisition cost, helping them to secure a further round of investment and…
  • Increased CLTV: The size of the businesses that they were attracting increased by over 10x. We continue to collaborate to serve the needs of these higher-revenue customers.

By implementing customer-driven strategies we have enabled startups to focus their limited resources, attract and retain talented teams, turn more customers into evangelists, unlock hidden growth potential, build better products, and transform their approach to marketing.

We have a special interest in hearing from startups solving problems in the following areas: 

  • AI/Machine learning
  • Biotechnology
  • Education
  • Enterprise software

From early-stage startups to market-leaders, our areas of expertise combine to power innovation.


Let’s transform your startup’s undifferentiated propositions, obscure product strategies, and underperforming marketing into a clear, data-driven roadmap to market dominance.


Transforming ExpenseIn's customer journey

Challenge How do we increase the ROI of our advertising spend?

Solution A new customer journey designed to solve the needs of ExpenseIn's most valuable customers, while attracting new enterprise clients to their service.

42 days from research to launch

87.8% increase in conversion rate

We worked closely with Zealous Digital throughout the development process. They readily considered our needs and suggestions, while applying their expertise to amplify impact.

We look forward to working with Zealous Digital again in future projects.
— Emma Dawson - Marketing Manager at ExpenseIn